This strange short film was made for the 48-Hour FIlm Project 2015 (Atlanta). 
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Prop: Camera
Line of Dialogue: "It Can't Possibly Be This Easy" 

Forest of Souls

A series of short avant-garde films directed by Jason Drakeford, music from Fuck Buttons "Ribs Out". 
Previews from two of the first two films are above.

Taxi Etc.

Director/Editor: Jason Drakeford
Music: Darrell Stephenson
Cast: (see credits)

Made for the 48-Hour Film Fest, 2009. Everything was created in 48 hours including it being written, shot, directed, acted, music, editing, post effects, sound, etc. 

The requirements were:
Genre: Drama
Line: "I think I can do it"
Character: "Allen Knight" Transit Employee
Prop: Art Supplies


Director/Editor: Jason Drakeford
Music: Ratatat 

Went to Paris years ago with my girlfriend at the time, the music is from Ratatat's latest release LP3, the song is "Mi Viejo". 


Director/Editor: Jason Drakeford
Above is the trailer for the first short film I directed, shot and edited.