Happy New Year!!

Wow. Another year has flown by, starting fresh is always exciting and 2011 was pretty epic. Got married to my sweetheart, went to Mexico for the honeymoon,  worked with Ken Jacobs on the feature film ”Seeking the Monkey King”, premiered at the New York Film Festival and just got picked up for Sundance this year, quit MTV, started working with Tony Oursler, went to Helsinki, wrote a rough draft of my first feature film script, directed a music video for the band Deerhoof, went to F5 festival & Vimeo film awards, and oh, had epic summer pool/bbq parties here in New York with the best of friends. It was pretty much the most productive, exciting, fun… best year ever. And so with a major drumroll, here’s a rundown of what’s up so far for 2012 (that I know about so far)!

  • Working with Tony in his studio in Chinatown on a string of gallery shows the first half of the year, heading to Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Madrid, and Korea. 
  • Kicking off production on “The Second Impatience of the Poet”, the first feature film I’m writing & directing.
  • "Typer", a mobile game concept had been floating around in my head in 2011, now on to rapid prototyping, level designs, development, etc.
  • Creating a test pilot for a journalistic data-driven animation series, currently have 2 writers from CNN contributing.
  • Art director/title sequence designer for the film “La Fleur d’Haïti” currently in pre-production, directed by Thomas Nybo.
  • Title sequence designer for “Comedia” directed by Pablo Herran.